A Letter from the Chairman

Scott Kahn
CSO, Oncosystems Biotherapeutics Chairman,
Biomarkers Council,
International Cancer Advocacy Network

Dear Colleagues,

From the success of the World CTC Summit we have expanded and evolved with the circulating biomarkers industry to bring you the 5th Annual Circulate: Circulating Cancer Biomarkers meeting.

Please join me and a whole host of the industry’s leading experts and key influencers todiscover how you can translate your CTC, ctDNA, miRNA and other novel biomarker research into clinical practice; resulting in improved clinical development strategies for diagnostics and personalized treatment management.

Circulate provides you with a professional setting to advance the potential for your research through collaboration and best practices in order to validate biomarkers more efficiently using the latest technologies and techniques.

Together, let us set the stage for a successful platform that will help us to realize the potential of CTCs and novel circulating biomarkers.

Scott Kahn